Chiropractic Care

Did you know that chiropractic care can be provided in the pool?

At Aqua Chiro Synergy, you can make an appointment with a chiropractor who specializes in performing gentle Chiropractic adjustments both in or out of the water.

Dr. Michelle gently releases joints, muscles, and provides Chiropractic manipulative therapy while you float.

Water provides the optimal conditions for manipulation, as weightlessness relieves muscle tension while adjustments are made.

Swim skills are not necessary to enjoy the benefits of this unique modality.
Warm water soothes and relaxes the body so you get the most out of your treatment.

Our chiropractor also offers Low Level Laser Therapy. She uses waterproof laser equipment to expedite cellular metabolism, circulation, and help speed up injury repair.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is the safest form of rehabilitation. The water offers buoyant support for the body, resistance to bodily movement, a natural reduction in pain in a relaxing environment. When patients get in the water they have the support of the water for flotation and thus don’t have the fear that they are going to fall which ultimately makes them feel safe!

Aquatic Therapy and Fitness offer patients the quickest way to return to normal daily activities. After injury, patients are able to re-learn “functional” skills of daily life then translate those skills back to land where gravity is reintroduced. Some of the many commonly treated conditions are:
chronic pain
decreased range of motion
prenatal and postnatal symptoms
SLE (Lupus)
arthritis (DJD and RA)
neurological conditions
Multiple Sclerolis (MS)
muscle sprains/strains
hip, knee, back or shoulder injuries
spinal stenosis
herniated discs
pre & post op joint replacement

Vascular Therapy

BEMER Vascular Therapy is the state of the art biophysical application to optimize the body's own natural vitality and well being.
It transmits coded information to the body to improve blood flow.

With better circulation we reduce our susceptibility to infection, have improved energy, and get the oxygen we need to survive, detoxify, and THRIVE in today's stressful world.

BEMER improves micro-circulation up to 30% with no side effects.
It also improves energy production, boosts immunity, and helps the body to function at its best.

Learn why medical professionals, physicians, practitioners as well as athletes and a fast growing number of BEMER enthusiasts in over 42 countries are successfully using our clinically proven and FDA registered devices to improve the quality of life.

BEMER Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy works synergestically with other treatments to improve microcirculation, optimize energy production, as well as speed up healing and repair of tissue.